Garden shed installations

Garden Watcher Côte d'Azur can install for you, your garden shed. 

Nous vous aidons en recherchant l’abri de jardin adapté à votre choix,  à placer et éventuellement à équipér de plomberie et d’électricité.  Nous plaçons aussi les planchers ou parquets.
There is also a service for placement or replacement of gardens houses you already bought.

Our services are available in the VAR, PACA, Côte d'Azur, so 83 and 06 areas in the South of the France.
For larger projects, we work in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Next to the wide choice of standard constructions, we also arrange the placement of gardens houses tailor-made for you.

You want more information about garden shed installation?
Do not hesitate and contact us today for an appointment.

Nice day,

Tom Vandenhende

maison de jardin classique exclusive
exclusive classic garden shed

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